Tech Foundations

Tech Foundations

Technical Foundations for Data Professionals

What you'll learn

A key outcome from this course is that you'll be able to build a project from start to finish which you can use in an interview
Specifically, you'll have a working knowledge of the following technologies: Database Architectures (Relational, Big Data, and Streaming)

  1. Structured Query Language (SQL) - the universal database language
  2. Python - popular data engineering and machine learning language
  3. Tableau - easily the most popular data visualization platform in use today
  4. R - open-source advanced statistical analysis and visualization

You won't be an expert in these areas after this course, but if you apply yourself, you will have demonstrable skills that can get you a job in Data Science.


About this course

This course covers all of the foundational technologies and platforms for data organizations. If you're new to the field, this is a requirement before attempting to get a job in Data. You'll likely also want to dive deeper in certain areas which we can help guide you down.

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to begin or advance their career in the Data Analytics Field

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