SQL - Basic Select Statements

SQL - Basic Select Statements

Looking to retrieve columns and rows from your data set using Standard Query Language (SQL), the preview below from our SQL Fundamentals course can help.

How to retrieve all the rows and columns from a table?

Start from scratch by removing the auto generated SELECT query from workspace using “Backspace”

  1. Type the query
    SELECT *
    FROM wineReviews
  2. Click the “Run Query” button or press (Ctrl + Enter)

The “*” communicates to the data that Select all columns from the data. Since, the query is simple without any other condition, by default, all the rows are selected as well and we fetch a complete table.

Note: It is a good practice to rename a query tab suitably for future references. To rename the tab:

  • Click on “Untitled SQL query tab”
  • In the “Save and share your SQL query” type the Name as “SELECT”
  • Press “Save” tab